No style to speak of

A few days ago I looked up “do people read blogs anymore?”, and the internet enthusiastically told me yes! People read blogs all the time! They read them for 37 seconds and you should post in the form of a list for scanning. You should optimize for SEO and provide helpful advice or tutorials, and maybe some recipes. But, that’s not I was asking. Do people read blogs anymore?

I miss the blogs that are just about our lives, our thoughts, and our days (no matter how mundane). I’m tired of blogs that are trying to teach me something, like how to mom, or how to build or how style. I am tired of blogs that are trying to sell me something, or trying to reach high enough pageviews so that they can start to sell me something.

Here I am. I have nothing to sell you, and nothing to teach you. And certainly nothing interesting to show you. I have no recipes to share, or gift guides for you to spend your money on. I have no style to speak of, whether on my person or in my home. It’s a recipe for disaster – all I have are these words, but here I am.

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